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What do men want?

What do men want?

Today I saw a statement that men don't want anything but sex from women. Couldn't pass past this questionable statement.

So, dear girls, here is my answer:   

First of all, most men themselves don't know what they want.

Secondly, yes, many want sex. Being more exact - mentally everybody want it, and in practice how will it work out...)) men have a little more difficulty doing sex than you, girls))

Thirdly, they want not only sex. I assure you that men no less than yours want mental warmth, interesting communication. Moreover, they even like you want someone to solve their problems for them. They just don't tell you about it, realizing that you won't solve them anyway.

Yes, they all want it. But who will give them all this?

Look around. Are there many women who sincerely radiate mental warmth? Who can listen and be an interesting in communication? Knowledgeable about sex and its hidden secrets?

So it turns out that in most cases men are forced to reduce their wishes to a minimum)))

And those who dare to want more, face following problem. All men for harmony in love + sex+communication fits only one in hundreds of thousands of girls. It's not many who know and understand this fact. That's why they think there are no normal girls. And that there is nothing else to take except sex from a girl.


- girls, find yourself one man who is suitable for you, compatible with you by sex+soul + communication.  And there will be happiness to you. And stop criticizing the rest of men.

- if any of you can give a man more other than sex, tell him about it, don't hesitate. He will take it with gratitude. Believe me, he wants it all.

Victor Gashpar