About stereotypes

The stereotypes in the head prevent us from enjoying life and cause suffering. It is enough only to see these stereotypes and you can get rid of a huge amount of suffering.
It's very easy to make it  It's enough to ask yourself : "who said that this should be this way or another"? Some kind of "Authority" covered by diplomas or scientific degrees? Or parents? Or Minister? Or a blogger on the internet?
Why do sufferings come? Because you expect that there must be something that fits in your stereotype. And if it is not fitting - you suffer.
I read a funny story recently. A woman came to a psychologist with a problem-husband has been looking into a cell phone all day long, she walks around naked, and he doesn't pay any attention to her....... if this woman didn't have a pattern that husband should definitely draw attention to her, then she wouldn't suffer or spend money on treatment with a psychologist.
There are thousands of stereotypes.. The Internet provides a lot of advice and opinions on how " a real " man or a " real " woman should behave. These tips create templates in the heads and prevent living a happy life. Why does a man have to bring money and a woman cook food? Why does only a man have to give flowers? Why is a girl + a man it's normal, and girl + girl it's not normal? Who defined this "normal"? And so on.
In short - it makes sense to throw away stereotypes, start listening to yourself and your desires, limit yourself only to the Criminal code and harm to your own health. ☺️
Have freedom, joy and beautiful day ☺️