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Why somebody lies to us?

Why somebody lies to us?

Sometimes we are faced with the fact that we are told a lie or somebody is simply not telling us something. 

Why is this happening and what to do about it? 

Go back to school. Why didn’t we tell parents about bad marks in school? We were afraid of their reaction, their anger, their punishment. It is so? Now think, why somebody do not say something to you or lie? Similarly, they are afraid of your reaction, your anger.Therefore, we ourselves, our potential negative reactions are the reason that somebody lies us.

 What to do? 

Learn to accept the world as it is. A regular stay in silence 15 minutes a day will help you in this. Making this exercise every day you will be able soon accept any information. Then even if somebody will be lying, you will be able calmly accept it.

 Indeed, to accept the whole world as it is means to accept the fact that not everyone always tells the truth. You will understand and accept that other people are afraid or embarrassed to tell something. At the same time, your calm acceptance of any information will give courage to other people to calmly tell you the truth.If you have not yet reached the skill to accept the whole world as it is, if you yourself do not want or are not ready to hear the truth - just calmly tell others about it. Do not demand truth from them if you are not ready for it. Do not ask them questions for which you are not ready to hear the answers. Forgive them for not saying something, for their fears and constraints. You can learn to forgive by the same technique as you learn to love - visualize the light in the heart 15 minutes a day.