How to escape loneliness

September 26, 2019
How to escape loneliness

Sometimes fate and circumstances separate us from loved ones temporarily or permanently. Sometimes we ourselves leave relationships which, we think, no longer bring us joy. Sometimes our partner leaves. As a result, many have emptiness. With this emptiness comes pain, depression, breakdown.

What to do? 

 Do nothing.

You just need to see what goodness and benefit brings loneliness. And take advantage of this good. 

First you need to replace the word LONELINESS with the word SOLITUDE. Feel that these words carry very different energies. Solitude is already a completely different state of the body and soul. In many religions of the world, it is solitude that is used to achieve the silence of the mind, to achieve the Divine bliss. It is with the aim of solitude that monasteries are being built. Please note - monks live in cells one at a time. In yoga, Buddhism, Taoism, caves are used for many years of solitude. And in each of the religions, solitude is considered a huge blessing.Why is solitude good?The first reason is that solitude brings silence to the mind. Nobody tugs us, does not disturb us, and the mind naturally calms down. And from this calmness causeless joy begins to manifest. This joy in Christianity is called divine grace, and in the east - nirvana. This happens by itself. No need to go for this to any seminars and training ....)))The second reason - solitude finally gives us the opportunity to think and see what we want in this life, what is really important for us, what our soul would like to do in order to receive joy. 

Therefore, if it so happened that you were left alone, use this period to the maximum with benefit. Then you will come out of this period by a completely different person. Moreover, this period may even end for you much earlier than you thought. Indeed, to a person who has the silence of the mind inside, and on his face a smile of causeless happiness, a lot of people will be attracted. Even after some time you will have to fend off the crowd of people who want to be friends with you))) And then you may want to use our unique partner search algorithm. But you will not seek a partner in order to get rid of excruciating loneliness, but in order to share the joy and bliss that have arisen as a result of solitude. See the difference? 

 May all people live in joy and happiness.