About silence

January 20, 2020
About silence

Today, my friend psychologist Julia Ray wrote on her Facebook: " Unfortunately, or fortunately, it is difficult for me to give any advice... Moreover, I came to the conclusion (Julia writes) that everything is so individually that there is no universal advice!
What do you think? Maybe you have such advice that works for everyone?" (end quote)
Well, I have such advice.

 Not me, but all esoteric schools and religions. Everyone knows it, but few people use it. And this advice is REACH SILENCE IN YOUR HEAD. AND THEN IT WILL BE CLEAR TO YOU HOW TO CLEAN UP YOUR LIFE. And then there won't be necessary any other advice from the outside.
To achieve silence in your head, it is enough to sit in silence every day for 15 minutes. It's simple.
Gautama Budda was talking about silence in the head. Jesus reached silence in the desert. The practice of silence is essential in all monasteries in China, India and Japan. Achieving silence is also the main practice of Christianity. Unfortunately, in Christianity, it is practiced only in monasteries (seclusion in cell) and is not common to ordinary people. Christianity recommends to sit in silence, turn to God. But who's doing this today? People move from one training to another. As a result, there is even greater chaos in the heads.
15 minutes a day of silence is enough to solve almost all your problems. Try it.
Some will ask - how many days to do it? I'll answer - how many days are you going to brush your teeth? That's how it is with silence. 15 minutes a day for the rest of your life. Otherwise there will be caries in the brain and soul and suffering will begin.
All this has been tested for thousands of years. Don't allow caries in your brain and soul.
Wish a nice day and silence to all of you )))