Love Analyzer today is the most advanced tool to analyze love relationships.  Go here to start analyzing relationship between two people. Or you can read below more about it.

Why everybody can benefit from our Love Analyser?

Because love is blind. Human brain is not capable to recognize hidden future problems in relationships. All is hidden on subconscious level.

Confirmation of this fact is a 50 percent divorce rate in many countries, including USA.

Isn’t it such a disaster, when you fall in love and then find out in a year or two that this is not your proper mate? You lose time, you lose nerves. You go through painful separation.. That"s why we invented Love Analyzer, a simple way to determine ahead if you can go into a relationship or better you stop it at very beginning. Love Analyzer is based on 26 years of our scientific research. It is showing compatibility of two persons in four basic fields ( see the photo):

1) Soul union.

2) Sex compatibility.

3) Mental communication and mutual understanding.

4) Longevity of relationship ( how long a relationship can last).

You can use Love Analyzer in many cases:

Use it even before your first date

You can simply determine the love compatibility with a person even before your first date.See case studies below. If a person is not compatible you can save you time and cancel the date.

Use it in your current marriage.

If you are already married you can determine what are the weak and strong sides of your relationship. This in many cases help to save family.

Use it after divorce.

If you already divorced a person you can analyze what and why went wrong. This will help you to bring out valuable lessons from your previous relationships and improve your future relationships.

Use it to help your friends

You can determine if any two persons are compatible for love or for working in team. By this you can bring valuable help to your friends.

Use it in your work

If you are a psychology consultant you can use Love Analyzer as an additional tool to see deeper into the problems in somebody’s relationship.

Love Analyzer historical background

In earlier 1987 Victor Gashpar started scientific research of compatibility between people while working in the Academy of Sciences of former Soviet Union.

In 1990 the team started to grow when it became evident that artificial intelligence can be used in determining psychological compatibility between people.

We started to experiment with different mathematical methods.

Additionally we studied 3000 years of historical heritage of our ancestors - different philosophers, ancient and modern scientists, who tried to understand the essence of love.

19 thousand stories of love was collected and studied from all around the world.

In 2001 we made two revolutionary discoveries :

- love can be predicted with modern mathematical tools!

relationship between two persons can be predicted by using their precise age difference!

After that we concentrated on collecting more data to have possibility to make more and more precise predictions.

These stories were calibrated by our team depending on their outcome, strength of soul connection, intensity of passion, ability of understanding in verbal communication, longevity of relationship.

Our study covered different stories, starting from lifelong happy marriages till short love stories, where people literally killed each other after several years of relationship.

Love Analyzer scientific background

The mathematical tool we are using is the most sophisticated tool today for analyzing data - artificial neural networks.

This mathematical tool is used today in weather prediction, face recognition etc.

We are the pioneers to use this tool for recognition the hidden layers of love energies between two people.

Artificial neural networks are similar in structure to human brains:

They can be trained on cases with known results and later used for prediction.

Also they can show what is important in a set of information and what is not.

The most difficult part in using neural networks is properly train them.

We are the first to succeed to train them on love prediction using our 19 thousand historical love stories with known outcome !

Neural networks also showed us, that from all available data about persons - blood formula, color of eyes, their age difference  is the most important for unfolding the hidden problems in relationship.

Why it is possible to determine compatibility of two people by their age difference?

Because all develops in cycles. If cycles of two people are in phase, they are amplifying each other.

If, for example, sexual developments between any two people are in synchronization, they are on the same sexual “wave”. And this makes them sexually compatible. We give you here very simple explanation just for your understanding. Definitely all this is much more complex.

The possibility to determine the outcome of any relationship using their age difference was first mentioned already 2000 years ago by ancient scientist Claudius Ptolemy ( ). But only development of modern mathematical tools and our success in training them made it possible for us to use it practically.

Love Analyzer is an instrument based on artificial neural network and is showing energy synchronization patterns between two persons.

We developed also more sophisticated instruments and will bring them to general public in the future.

Today they are available only for personal consultations.

Going into details: how you can work with Love Analyzer

To work with Love Analyzer you  have to have any mobile device ( phone, tablet) or PC with connection to the internet and a browser.

Go to our web site to, enter birth data of any two persons and get on the screen of your mobile device the resulting diagram ( see cases below) and explanation texts.

If you are looking for a new love you can use Love Analyzer immediately even before first date.

For example you have seen a nice faces in that Facebook. Just take their birth date from their page and enter it in Love Analyzer. You will immediately see if it make sense to write to this person or you have no chance :) For more precision time and place of birth will be needed, but they will only fine tune the result. If with birth day, month and year you already got a lot of red colors - live this person and go searching another face :)

Very important, that explanation text contain recommendations how to overcome difficult incompatible energies. So if you are already married it can be a useful tool for you to understand what are these difficulties and how to manage them.

More detailed explanation what does every part of Analyzer mean and how to read it :

Red color - shows, that a link between two persons exist, but too hot and with tensions. Initially this brings fast attractions, but later transforms into tensions, if people do not work on it. 

Green color - a link exists, smooth and harmonious. Such a link is not felt strongly at the beginning, but is developing over time, supporting good relationships.

General rule:

- more green and red colors - stronger is the link between to people.

- more green - more quiet harmony

- more red - more “wildness”