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Why love is blind ?

First reason - people wear masks. They tend to pretend to be kind, caring, loving, compassionate.

In reality people have only a fraction from what they show in public.

So when we meet somebody we meet with a mask, And it can be a big surprise when this mask is off after several years of relationship.

There is another reason for blindness - some internal problems are hidden even from the owner of the mask.

These problems are hidden on his or her subconscious level like an iceberg under the water.

Under external tension in partnership these problems start to come out after several years of living together. Sometimes it can be a surprise even to this person to see how many garbage was hidden in his subconscious.

One more reason for blindness of love - we take passion for love. But these are totally different things.

Interesting thing about passion is that it is easily transforming later in anger. The stronger the initial passion - the stronger the resulting anger and will be. Sometimes strong passion transforms later in fights and even killing the partner.

With the help of our artificial neural network and Compatibility Tester it became possible to look behind the mask and to go to the depth of subconscious.

Use our Compatibility Tester  -  this cures blindness in relationships.