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Love stories

We will show you on different love stories how our compatibility tester is working. 

To understand our tester remember only several rules:

- No green, no red - as a result no connection between people

- Green - harmonious connection, but can become too boring  if no red is there.

- Red - active connection, but can become too wild if no green is there.

Best - majority of green with some red. 

After looking on these stories you can than test here your own stories to practice more. 

In some stories older interface of our Tester is presented. 

Case 1 . Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Look what would Brad and Angelina see on the screen of their Compatibility Tester on the beginning of their dating.

This could definitely stop them from making long-time commitment and making children.

You see that there is more red, than green in general. This means, that they had many energies flowing between them from the beginning. This caused fast attraction but later ruined the family. We will not go into more detailed component analysis here. But as you see all components can be analysed separately. For example sex was too hot. It simply burned them. They had to study mastery of sexual energies to prevent such burning. Otherwise this fire goes into fighting instead of sex as time goes on.

We think they could save their relationship if they got our Compatibility Tester several years ago. We would show them how to work on those difficulties and lessen them.

Case 2. Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward

Everybody knows this legend pair. Just see that the green prevails. This means prevailing harmony in their life. They lived happily together 50 years till Newman’s death.

Just pay attention, that in emotions the red line is much longer, than green. This means that their emotions were intense to each other, but they felt as they are totally different people.

From the beginning this kept them apart but later many harmonious energies materialized and took upper hand.

Case 3. Ronald and Nancy Reagan

Look at their energies.

You can immediately see that there was a good reason for this pair to live happily together 52 years till Ronald’s death. Some red color, which is not prevailing, is giving spices to their relationship, but not burning them. Without these spices the relationship could be a little bit boring. and dull.

Case 4. Princess Diana, her lover James Hewitt and Prince Charles. 

This man (James Hewitt) capt for more than 5 years the heart of Princess Diana. 

This could last much longer if not intervention of Royal family. 

Why she selected him?  You can look deeper into the story using our compatibility tester. 

Compare charts of compatibility between Diana, Charles and James.

See much more green between Diana and James compared to Diana and Charles.

Charles could save a lot of nerves and could not marry if he had or tester at that time. 

Please also see the long green line on STABILITY(LONGEVITY) between Diana and Charles. 

This is an indicator of good support between two people. In such cases marriages can last many years without love and sex. Based only on support.